About the Creator

liz kelly

Liz Kelly is a self-described “story wonk” with a lifelong love of narrative, both on the page and on the screen. She spent her childhood alternating between books and video games, with brief breaks for movies and television. Her passion for stories of all shapes led her to earn a B.A. in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh. Years later, her passion for paying the bills led her to earn an M.B.A. from DePaul University. 

After ten years of grinding rank on the corporate ladder, Liz settled into a CFO position at a growing video game publisher, which kept her engaged with the latest developments in the industry. Unfortunately, the work left her with little time to indulge her interest in storytelling, and so she left finance behind to throw herself into writing full-time. 

Liz currently lives with her husband and her corgi in California, where she divides her writing time between speculative fiction and content for Cutscene University. When she isn’t clacking away at the computer, she can be found tweezing lint out of her sewing machine or recoiling from the slime molds beneath her rose bushes.