Spoiler Policy

cutscene university spoiler policy

At Cutscene University, we know the importance of a well-placed plot twist better than anyone. That’s why we have spoiler policies in place to ensure players don’t stumble across any plot points they aren’t ready to see. Each section of the site has its own spoiler policy, allowing us to discuss the latest games while still offering content for people who haven’t had time to play through the current hits. 

  • In our Narrative Analysis essays, all games discussed will be clearly noted at the top of the article, and example games must be at least three years old as of the essay’s initial date of publication. The nature of the individual spoilers will vary based on the subject of the essay. For example, an essay on character types may only name a game’s protagonist, while an essay on character arcs may delve into the protagonist’s entire storyline. 
  • In our StoryScan essays and our comprehensive Game Studies, the the game being studied will be the only game mentioned in the article. As a result, the individual game studies will not be subject to the three-year minimum release window. StoryScan essays will discuss specific aspects of individual games, limiting the potential for spoilers; Game Studies Each essay will discuss the game’s structure, characters, and themes in full, thereby covering the game stories in their entirety. While every Cutscene University article is written with broad accessibility in mind, players who wish to remain unspoiled on specific games should avoid the essays and studies for those titles.