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Narrative Analysis:

Tone is the emotional expression of a story’s theme, as well as the source of mood and atmosphere. 

Final Fantasy VII:

Final Fantasy VII’s memorable opening succeeds by weaving in  character, setting, theme, and conflict. 

Narrative Analysis: Showing and Telling

Despite the oft-repeated axiom, ‘show, don’t tell,’ both showing and telling have a place in storytelling. 

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At Cutscene University, our goal is to teach the essentials of storytelling by using the vibrant, engaging stories from both classic and modern video games. 

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Narrative Analysis:
The Basics

Learn the fundamentals of storytelling: structure, character, setting, and themes.
What Remains of Edith Finch: The House

Narrative Analysis:
Next Steps

Go beyond the basics with topics like exposition, pacing, and stakes. 

StoryScan: Critical Hits and Weak Points

Study the highs and lows of popular video game stories. 

Storytelling has a shape. It dominates the way all stories are told and can be traced back not just to the Renaissance, but to the very beginnings of the recorded word. It’s a structure that we absorb avidly whether in art-house or airport form and it’s a shape that may be – though we must be careful – a universal archetype.

John Yorke

Producer and Script Editor